I would want someone that has their own source of income. If they are disabled, then they should be getting SS-Disability, or SSI. If they are able to work, then they should be working. I do not have the financial means to make my life better, I certainly don’t have the means to support another person. I am not looking for a Sugar Mamma, but definitely want someone that can stand on their own two feet financially. Also, if the significant other is in debt, then she should have a plan to get out of that debt.

If my significant other wants to go out, I will go out with her – at least as much as I can tolerate. In my instance, going out to do something is both a mental and physical issue to consider. If she wants to go out to someplace I am not comfortable with on her own, I will trust her to be willing to go alone.

She would abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and illegal drugs. As for religious values, I would not discriminate against their values as long as they can respect mine as being agnostic. The same goes for political views.