Due to both my mental, and physical issues – I have no social life. Once in a while, I might go to a restaurant with a friend, but even that becomes a challenge. When I need to address errands, I typically do things as early in the morning as possible. This limits my social interactions. I do have a better social life with my social networks online. I correspond with people on the Internet, and even do email which seems to be a lacking feature for most people. I would have 1 email friend, and a couple of people that would only correspond via WhatsApp.

When I do go out in the physical world, I carry contact cards as a just in case someone wants to reach out to me. On my contact card is my initials, followed by my name, and then my .tel address. From the .tel address, a person can get my name, mailing address, email address, websites, and telephone numbers. This is way more than what a contact card would otherwise hold, and there is no need to replace the cards when I change information since all of the changes are made at the .TEL address.