Due to me being disabled, I received a benefit called SSI which is Supplemental Security Income. This is for people who didn’t work enough to earn Disability. With my income, I earn less than $975 (counting SNAP), and poverty in the US is $1,300. With this in mind, I qualify for other resources, and I have restrictions that I must follow. Since I do not smoke, gamble, drink alcohol, or use recreational drugs, I can make ends meet, and have a little left over.

All of my income, and benefits are as follows

  • SSI: $841.00
  • DPA: $22.10
  • SNAP: $100.00

I also receive Medicaid which is an insurance plan for those that have low income. I also qualify for subsidies for my rent. My SSI and DPA takes care of my bills, and expenses. I have about $150 remaining which is used as discretionary funds. SNAP is dedicated just for food (no restaurants). If you want to know more about my benefits and how I budget, then consider visiting