I currently live in a 1BR/1bth apartment in the Downtown neighborhood of Pittsburgh PA. This is the extent that I will disclose where I live as I don’t want people knowing where I live. For those that want to send me a package can refer to my Contact Page. The apartment has a laundry room which I make use of. Thankfully, the rates are reasonable at $1.75/load with a 1 hour drying cycle. There is also a mailbox for each unit including my apartment. All of the mailboxes are located on the first floor. There is on-site management, but only during operating hours.

As you walk into the apartment, you step into the foyer which is very small. Across from the foyer is the kitchen which is a galley style kitchen. Needless to say, there isn’t much room there, but thankfully – all of my meals are microwave, but I do have access to a stove. The living room is sufficient, and hosts my couch, a coffee table, and a TV. My PC and printer is also in the living room. Adjacent to the back wall of the living room is a small two step hallway which connects the small bathroom, and the bedroom. As for the bathroom, there is no counter space, so I have to place my razor and toothbrush in the bottom shelf of the medicine cabinet. The bedroom is bigger than it needs to be. However, both the living room and the bedroom is sufficient for its size. I would have traded bedroom space for a little bit of counter space for my razor supplies and toothbrush.

Electric, heat, and water is included. I am responsible for Internet, Telephone, and TV. For Internet, I utilize Comcast Internet Essentials which is a low cost internet program. For telephone, I. rely on two cellular lines for my phone, and a couple of VOIP services for additional phone numbers. My rates for all of my phone numbers is about the same price as what many people will pay for one line. For television, I use an indoor OTA antenna, although I typically just watch WPXI (NBC affiliate).

I am in walking distance of my pharmacy, a convenience store, and the post office. Also, since most of Port Authority buses are primary routes, I am in walking distance of most of the buses. If you would like to know anything in particular, feel free to contact me.