Why New URL?

For years, I had my personal website at https://frank.pilone.name. However, in early 2021 – I acquired frankpilone.name. This was because frankpilone.name is missing the . in between frank and pilone. This is a simple mistake that many people could make. In March of 2022, I decided to make use of frankpilone.name to reduce the number of domains I had, and therefore make my internet costs lower. Since I can host unlimited subdomains, I had moved many subdomains from other domains to frankpilone.name, and eventually – the domains of those sites to subdomains under frankpilone.name. I then decided to put my main site with frankpilone.name since every subdomain I have is located here.

With that in mind, I have no intentions on giving up pilone.name. My email address is still frank@pilone.name which means that I still have to keep pilone.name if I wish to keep this address. So in turn, I set a DNS forward of frank.pilone.name to frankpilone.name. This means I shouldn’t lose visitors, and they may not even noticed this change. Hopefully, this clarifies everything.