What Do You Carry?

When I go out on special errands, or appointments, I always carry a few things. This is much the same in most trips I will go on, but the things I carry is much the same. Almost everything I carry is in my backpack, and I will wear my backpack as normally. This is usually because I take a bus with me, and I would want to have everything I need with me. I can’t fit everything in my pockets.

Let’s first address what’s in my pockets. In my front left pocket, I have a case with my contact cards. This allows people who want to reach out to me to get a card. I never had this happen, but it is still good to have. The card will display my name, and .TEL address. From my .TEL address, one could build a complete contact profile of me. Also in my front left pocket is my transit card, and wallet. In my wallet, I would usually carry $20 unless I expect to need to carry more. In my front right pocket will be my telephone. This is the phone that will ring if someone calls me. My rear right pocket usually has nothing in it. If I had some scrap paper (such as a receipt), I will put it in my rear right pocket until I make it to a trash can. My rear left pocket has a bandanna, and a cloth mask for when I enter a place that requires a mask.

Next is what’s in my backpack. The front pocket will hold a wallet with my photo ID, any change of address card, and my insurance card. Also, a spare set of ear phones are in this pocket. My second pocket usually have very little in it. If for some reason, I am not carrying my wallet in my jeans, this pocket will likely be the pocket that is used. My third pocket is where I will host all of my papers that I might have received from a doctor’s office, or similar situation. I will usually read what I receive, and then run the documents through the shredder. The fourth pocket will have a battery pack. This is plugged into the cable built into my backpack, and will be used to charge anything I have with a lightning connector. For now, that includes my phone, and earphones. Also in this pocket will be my iPad mini which has a cellular capability installed. The fifth pocket is for anything that won’t fit in the previous pockets, and hosts my umbrella which is obviously used when it rains. The last pocket would be where my notebook PC will go to.

Well, that is what I carry when I go out on errands. I usually have enough room to where I could get a fast food lunch or dinner. I usually don’t do this because of money reasons. Keep in mind, I don’t carry much cash – so I have to justify everything I purchase. But now you know what I carry with me.