What are Your Days Like?

My days are usually quiet. This is because I am not able to work, and have very few friends. With me having very little to do throughout the day, I try to keep myself busy. Most of the time is spent walking in the apartment (exercise), or using my PC. I would typically make dinner around 4PM, and watch the news for an hour at 6PM. A few times a week, I will shave my head and face. After that, I will go to bed. I will go more detail in this page, but that is the majority of my day usually.

At 6AM (or earlier), I will wake up. If I have to go somewhere today, I will put on my jeans. Otherwise, I will put on my lounging pants (glorified PJs). Once dressed, I will turn off the media player in the bedroom, and go to the bathroom to collect my morning medicine. I have a cup in the bathroom, so I will use that cup to swallow my pills.  If I need to urinate or defecate, I will do that now. After I use the toilet, I will close the lid, and flush the toilet. Closing the lid prevents water particles from spewing out of the toilet.

After I use the bathroom, I will walk into the kitchen to start the coffee maker. I will then walk into the living room to start the media player, and wake the PC. I will check my voicemail, and make notes of whom to call back. If I have any email, I will start to compose them – taking a break to pour a cup of coffee. Once I am finished with my morning mail, I will then go through the social networks I have, and address anything from there. If you communicate with me by using social networks, you would see that email take priority. Once my communications for the early morning is addressed, I will make breakfast. This is usually pork and gravy with a couple of biscuits. It’s not much, but it would hold me over until the late afternoon. After breakfast, I will brush my teeth.

However, things are a bit different if I have a doctor’s appointment. Since most of my appointments are in the morning, I do not have the time to do my normal morning routine. Instead, I will wake, get dressed, take my medicine, and pack my backpack for leaving. I will also have my transit card which is obviously used to ride the buses. All of the emails, messages, and breakfast will have to wait until I return home from my appointment. Therefore, if you find that your email hasn’t be responded to, that is why. After I return home, I will do the bare minimal in the afternoon and eventually rest to recover from the pain, and crowds.

After I address everyone, and made breakfast, I will try to walk throughout my apartment. It’s not much, but it is some exercise. When the pain becomes too unbearable, I will lie down. If I have to do any errands such as the post office, or convenience store, I will do them in the morning after breakfast. If I have to make any phone calls, I will put on my earphones, and make those calls with my phone. These calls are handled usually while walking throughout the apartment. After I address my phone calls, I will put my earphones away, and continue the exercise.

In the afternoon, I will work on my websites. If there are any pages that needs to be updated, then I will usually do that now. Once I finalize the edits, and update the page, I make a note of it in my updates site. After the sites are updated, I will go to Youtube to look for videos to watch in the evening. As 2PM rolls around, I take another pain pill which is usually needed because of the walking I done in the morning. If I get any email, I will usually reply to them as well. At 4PM, I will usually make dinner. All of my meals are microwavable, and I just pull out what’s on top. After I make dinner, I eat, brush my teeth, and wash the dinner tray. This is done to not attract bugs which I always have some concern with (because I can’t stand them).

After dinner, I will compose in a log entry. My pain psychologist suggested that I make one, and keep it up to date. Most of the entry feels like a repeat, but I still compose nonetheless, even though I no longer see her. If an appropriate party wishes to see it, I will send them .pdf files of my months. After the log entry is entered, I will walk throughout my apartment until 6PM. At 6PM, I will take another pain medicine, and watch the news from 6PM – 7PM. After the news, I will reply to any email I received, and watch any Youtube videos I may have collected. If I get any email that is worth replying to, I will pause the video watching, and compose my replies. At about 9:20PM on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I will shave my head and face. I will then take my night medicine, and prepare for bed.

After I go to bed, I would usually set my phone to DND mode, and sleep. I will also start the music player in the bedroom. Usually, I will get a couple of emails overnight which I will address the next morning. After I wake up, I start the day all over again.