How to Reach You?

The best way to reach me is call my primary public phone numbers which are located in my Contact Directory. You can think of this page as an internet business card. This card however, gets updated as information changes – so it’s always up to date. The contact directory will have all of my public telephone numbers, email address, website URL, social networks, and mailing address. You can use this site to build a complete contact profile about me.

The second option is to use the contact form in every website I have. You will have to enter your name (preferably full name), email address, subject and message. This message will go straight to my email address which I will read when I check my email. From there, I will reply to any legitimate email I receive.

All email I send will be fromĀ, and will be digitally signed. You do not have to do anything with this digital signature, but your email client or webmail service should prove to you that the email I sent is actually from me. This will be as opposed to someone claiming to be me using my email address as their contact (just like someone can place an inaccurate return address on an envelope).