Can I Scam You?

Short answer, no. I am sure that won’t stop you, but simply put – I am in tune with most of the scams, and not interested in falling victim to your tactics. With that in mind, let’s address the scams available.

Give Me Your Money Scam

Here’s the thing. Scammers will haphazardly talk to you for about a week, and falls “madly” in love with you. Of course, they convinced themselves that you too are madly in love with them. A little bit of time later, they either want to come and meet you, but don’t have the money for the plane ticket. Another one is their mother is dying of cancer, and only your money can save her.

So, why won’t I fall for this scam. Well when it was a bit popular about a decade ago, it would catch many people off-guard. Here is the thing, even if I was gullible enough to fall for the scam, I would not have the money to fall for the tactic. Of course, once I say no, and they are convinced that I won’t fall for the trap, they move on to the next victim refusing to reply to any emails you might send.

Investment Scam

Here’s the thing. Either you won a multi-million dollar lottery that you never entered, or some poor widow has millions of dollars from her late husband, father, or insert family relationship here. They want to invest in the US, and even though they don’t know you, they trust that you would do the correct thing. All they need is your banking information. Can you guess what happens next?

Now me, I am paranoid when it comes to my asset accounts. Why, because my assets are low. If I use a credit card to act as a buffer between the legitimate world, and my checking account, what would make a scammer think I will give them my banking, or other confidential information?

Fake Check Scam

There are variations of this scam as with all of the scams I mention here. However, this one might be one of the most dangerous. Here is the thing. Some investment or job offer comes across your email. They want to prepay for services you have yet to render. Of course, you are trustworthy, and they might send you $1,000 for the work you have yet to do (or may have done already). They will send you a check for more than $1,000 and an honest mistake. Just cash the check, and send the difference back to them. However, the check is a fraud, and you fall victim for cashing an illegal check. Best case scenario, your account goes into the negative by thousands of dollars. Worst case scenario – criminal charges.

If I don’t know you, I will NOT cash a check for you. Any unsolicited checks that comes to my PO Box will go through the shredder. I am not able to do most jobs, so I will not be looking for work for a check from an unknown company to send me. Even if I was gullible enough to take a check, I will make sure it is a legitimate check with the bank. I will make sure the check clears before drawing cash on it. If you sent me a check larger than what is owed to me, I will shred it, and tell you to send me a check for the correct amount. I will do everything I need to so I keep myself on the legal side of the law. Again, most likely – checks will be shredded.

Going to Jail Scam

Here’s the thing, you get a phone call from the FBI, CIA, Secret Service or whatever legal authority. They have a warrant out for your arrest, but the warrant can be canceled if you give them gift cards immediately. They will usually have a typically high amount such as $500, or $1000. If you don’t do as they said, the police will be knocking at your front door to take you away in handcuffs.

Oh, so you’re the FBI? I will then hang up, and call the local FBI office to inquire if there is a federal warrant for me. Local Police or Sheriff’s – same thing. If there is a legitimate warrant though, then gift cards will not satisfy the warrant. My current residence address is known to the government branch that handles IDs, so it is easy for law enforcement to find me.


So now, if you are a scammer trying one of these tricks, you now know that I won’t fall for them. You can still try, but you would be wasting your time. Also, any legitimate people reading this FAQ – I hope I helped you out a little.

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